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A new boiler saves your money and adds value to the property. Installation of a new boiler can save your electricity bills as compared to an old ineffective boiler that can put extra pressure on your monthly expenditure. 

New boilers come with an “A-G Rating” which determines its energy efficiency, that saves fuel while heating your home. 

Contact Berkshire Heat now and save easily on your energy expenses. 

Few benefits of a New Boiler Installation:


New Boiler services help if your boiler starts to lose pressure.

New Boiler services in Reading are particularly made for gas boiler issues. Loss of water pressure, might be the reason for a regular discomfort in the households. With these services, it is easy to diagnose low-pressure issues and stay safe before-hand.  

Advantage of new boiler Reading services from efficient gas safe engineers

 Following the user manual is not always a great idea as far as boiler issues are concerned. Although it helps to manage the crisis, consulting an expert engineer is always an appropriate idea.  

With Berkshire Heat, we’ve got you covered! Book an engineer anytime, anywhere and solve your boiler issues. You do not have to worry about our new boiler services at Reading.


New Boiler can save your monthly expenditure

New boiler helps to avoid installation of expensive parts or pricey repairs and saves fuel wastage. Hence, a new boiler is better for the environment and so for your budget. Stay stress-free with no breakdown worries and have a peaceful mind. With these services of Berkshire Heat, pay cheaper Bills with a more efficient boiler. New Boiler ensures better heating control through modern boilers, with added efficiency savings. 


Keep your eye on a boiler that is older than fifteen (15) years. These kinds are likely to be inefficient, to achieve optimum efficiency, it is always better to upgrade to a “New Boiler”. Start saving money to install a new boiler before you face any breakdown. 


For quick, efficient boiler installations and maintenance in Reading and all the surrounding areas call the “Berkshire Heat” for a free survey.