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Plumbing is a system of pipes and fixtures in a building or a house to distribute and use drinkable water and dispose of liquid wastes. Plumbing services include ensuring that plumbing systems carry out waste removal effectively and hygienically. Plumbers work to provide clean water separated from harmful contaminants, thereby keeping your family safe. Plumbing is essentially an emergency service meaning you would mostly call for them if there is an emergency in your house like a pipe burst, drainage problem, or stinky water. So it is an important job. A professional plumbing company like Berkshire Heat provides emergency plumbing service in Reading because you can rely on very few people in times like these. Since the inception of the plumbing system, pipes have played an essential role in carrying hot and cold water into different paths of your house and taking the waste out of your home. There are several different kinds of pipes used for various purposes in the plumbing system of a house or a building. Recently, a wide range of materials is used in pipes that carry out hot and cold water to every fixture in a home or a building and form a crucial drain and vent system. Generally, there are five types of pipe—PEX, PVC, ABS, copper, and galvanized—found in houses these days, in new and older homes. Each line has a different function and strong point. The strength of your house’s plumbing can significantly affect your quality of life, so you must make a well-informed decision.

PVC polyvinyl chloride pipe: 

Plumbers install this white plastic pipe in waste lines( part of a toilet, drainage, or shower). Several professionals opt for this as PVC is lighter and comfortable to work with. PVC pipes are also relatively cheap and last somewhat longer. Still, you can always contact the emergency plumbing service in Reading if you face any sudden pipe leakage.


If you stumble upon a black-coloured pipe in the vent, toilet, or sink area, it is possibly Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is known for being tolerant to cold temperatures. Professional plumbers who provide emergency plumbing service in Reading set up ABS in a way, so it does not get direct sunlight.


Polyethylene cross-linked pipe (PEX) is an affordable and reasonably durable plastic tubing that has gained popularity for water supply lines because it stops rust or corrosion from getting into the water. It is also relatively easy to install. PEX pipes are strong enough to tolerate water pressure yet flexible enough to bend through walls and ceilings, among other places. PEX pipes are available in three colours: blue for cold water, white for hot or cold water, and red for hot water. Professionals offering an emergency plumbing service in Reading have a variety of pipes in store.


Copper pipe is one of the plumbing industry’s most used and traditional materials. It is the safest pipe used in houses as there is no plastic or other harmful materials. Copper pipes have also lasted more than 50 years. Although these pipes are expensive, if you don’t want to call an emergency plumbing service in Reading frequently, just put copper pipes in the plumbing system.

Galvanized steel pipe:

This type of pipe is hardly ever used nowadays, although, in the past, they were famous. Galvanized pipes are known for being very durable and strong. Professionals are doing emergency plumbing service in Reading work with all kinds of pipes depending on the need and requirements of a particular work.

Find the best emergency plumbing service in Reading.

There are different types of pipes with different purposes. Installing a good pipe can avoid sudden accidents So, contact Berkshire Heat to install the perfect pipe for your waterline. If you suddenly feel an unwanted foul smell in your bathroom, any damp wall, unnecessary water leakage, or if you have broken a tap, Berkshire Heat provides emergency plumbing in Reading. You can easily avail of their service within a few hours after calling them.