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Plumbing may seem a technical job but the patience and skill it needs make it unique. A plumbing system is undoubtedly one of the most crucial systems in your house. If you want your regular life to go at a right and smooth pace, there is no alternative to keeping your plumbing system maintained. Now, if you want to seal the best deal with a plumber in Reading, Berkshire Heat is always there to provide you with uninterrupted support.

Our plumbers are well trained and work under any condition. Indeed, you cannot know everything about your plumbing system. With our plumbers beside you, rest assured of top-notch and impeccable service.

Usually, any plumber in Reading would be there to support you in an emergency but few will let you know how you should control the situation until an expert arrives at your place.

Berkshire Heat is unique because we’re going to provide you with thorough guidance about how you should control the plumbing situation at your house while we’re yet to arrive.

Things To Do Before A Plumber In Reading Arrives

Having basic knowledge about every appliance and system in your house is important. Let’s check out what you should do before a plumber in Reading arrives:

Shut Off Water Supply

Once the situation is likely to get out of hand, shutting off the main water valve is a wise decision. It will instantly cut the water supply to your home and minimize water damage. If you don’t know where the valve is, look near the water meter. Call any of our plumbers in Reading for quick assistance if you cannot locate the valve yet. Your plan B for turning off the main water valve can be to find a valve nearest to the place of the leak and shut off the flow.

Drain The Lines

Though you have shut down the water supply, don’t forget about the residual liquid. It will still be there even if you shut the valve. So, follow the steps here:

  • Drain the pipes
  • Go out into the yard
  • Turn on all the hoses or spigots

These steps will completely purge your system of water, and ensure that more water cannot leak inside your home.

Remove Standing Water

The plumber in Reading will help you as much as they can. But, don’t you think waiting for their arrival in a bathroom full of water will raise more risks? It takes not more than three days for mold to transform itself from a barely visible creature into a pungent nuisance.

Check The Electric Appliances

During a severe leak, water can flow out of the pipes and come into contact with your electric appliances. Check the fuse box to ensure it’s dry, and if possible, turn it off. Don’t forget the same trick with other appliances such as a water heater. Running an empty water heater can damage the tank. Electricity and water are not on very good terms. Once they come in touch with each other, the consequences will be dangerous for you.

Move Furniture To A Dry Area

Although a drenched sofa is unlikely to explore, it will cost you a couple of thousand bucks. So, it’s wise to remove them before water comes and embrace them. You can do it before our plumber in Reading arrives at your place. But, what about the furniture that you cannot move easily? Well, there is always a plan B. Take an aluminum foil and cover the furniture.

Don’t Attempt To Fix It

The plumber in Reading from Berkshire Heat charges you very reasonably. So, to save just some bucks, attempting to fix your plumbing system is not at all a wise idea. Instead, you should do all the prep work before our emergency plumber enters your property.