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Plumbing issues are an integral part of owning a house and can be very hazardous. Few problems occur with regular wear and tear whereas, some of the serious issues occur with irregular maintenance and wrong usage too. 


At Berkshire Heat, we are committed to offering plumbers in Reading services that fix all types of plumbing issues, handles emergency and prevent the repetitive occurrence of the same. There are few problems which are treated on regular basis at Berkshire Heat. To stay prepared with such a situation, it is always safe to know the symptoms and the nature of each probable plumbing issue. 


Five common plumbing problems in a UK household are:  


  • Leaky Pipes: Your pipeline gets leaky for so many reasons. It’s your plumber’s job to find out whether it is stubborn clogs or pipe corrosion that is bothering your water supply. It can be a sudden crack or cracked seals as well. Sometimes damage occurs in pipe joints due to excessive water pressure too. Moreover, incorrect installation can also be a reason behind leaky pipes. At Berkshire Heat, plumbers in Reading experts handle each problem professionally no matter how minor they are. These issues are meant to be fixed fast to avoid major damage in the entire plumbing system. 
  • Runny toilets: Did you that a runny toilet can wastewater up to a couple of 100 gallons per day? To avoid such huge water wastage, here are a few necessary plumbers in Reading services. Refilling tube problems, replacing corroded toilet handles or old flapper seals and flush valves are some of the important services to opt for. The size of flapper chains must be appropriate in case you want to avoid such trouble at home. 
  • Clogged or Slow Drainage System:
  • This is one of the major plumbing disasters that can happen in a household. It can cause health hazards too if not treated properly or on time. One slow or clogged drain indicates as a localised issue. In general, substances like soap, hair and foreign particles create blockage over time. Cleaning the drain on regular basis is the ideal solution to address and avoid such issues. In an emergency, always call an expert plumber for help. Multiple clogged drains indicate sewer line problems. This is comparatively a serious problem and requires a professional’s help. 
  • Water Heater Breakdown: Hot water supply is a fundamental need of any household. It needs a heater that functions round the clock supplying hot water as needed. Homeowners who are dealing with plumbing crisis must need plumbers in Reading services to treat issues like sediment built up inside the pipeline. Moreover, improper installation, wrong size or broken electrical connections are some of the reasons behind it.  
  • Interrupted Water Supplies Due to Low Pressure: Low water pressure indicates weak plumbing system of the entire household. Search for hidden water leaks, sewer or drain blockage to treat low water pressure before calling for help from plumbers in Reading service providers. Pipe corrosion could be another reason behind it. 

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At Berkshire Heat, starting from common problem to complex, our professional plumbers are here to help you out anytime. With the expertise and modern equipment, we offer an accurate diagnosis of your plumbing problems. We are proud to serve you in emergencies without any added charges. For seamless drainage system and water supply in your house, book an appointment today!