Be it environmental wellness or plumbing. We do not have much idea either. But, we love to give our opinions. Usually, both are similarly ignored by us until it creates severe problems in our daily life. The environment is a large aspect and not in your control. But, what about your plumbing system? You can get it into shape if you try. So, call an expert plumber in Reading regularly to check on your plumbing system. Hiring expert plumbers is always a wiser decision than trying your amateurish hands on it. But, knowing some tricks is not bad either.

Unclog Your Sink…Give It a Break

It’s not only you who wants a break from the bending pressure of work. Think about your pipe also. Plumbing issues start with a simple clog and it’s very easy to fix it initially. But, your proactiveness in buying unclogging chemicals makes the trouble even more complicated. Therefore, you should always have faith in homemade remedies like baking soda and vinegar.

Pouring two tablespoons of baking soda into your sink will clear the clog very easily when you add vinegar to it. Do not forget to cover your sink immediately after you pour the vinegar to keep the reaction contained where you need it. Let the reaction finish and then pour boiling water down the sink to clear out the loosened clog.

Expert plumber in Reading can clean the clog in an even more professional way. This solution will not work with a stubborn clog, call us then.

Fix a Leaking Pipe

Fixing a leaking pipe is not a big deal if you know the reason. A leaking pipe creates hundreds of problems that start from stinking when the sink becomes unusable.

Some self-sealing tapes are available in the market. It is a strong tape that sticks to itself and is airtight once you stretch it over a pipe. Apply it to the inside of one pipe to tighten the seal or tape it around the two pipes to keep water locked inside.

Though you cannot expect this as a permanent solution, this problem will come back until you call an expert plumber in Reading for fixing your pipe. But, this can be a good fit as a temporary gateway.

A Plunger Can Be A Savior

Plungers can save you in many household chores. This is the Ironman of your house. Plungers are great for unclogging toilets, bathtubs, and sinks. Showers are also fixable with plungers. A clogged toilet is not an issue when a plunger is there with you.

Low Water Pressure

Tremendous water pressure can be a pain point. Take the showerhead off and soak it in white vinegar for a day or so. Often low water pressure is caused by a build-up of scum and soaking the showerhead in vinegar cleans it out and lets water flow in its sweet manner.

Low water pressure is terrible and makes it take forever to have a satisfying shower. White vinegar jumps up to rescue. It clears all the scum and build-up that has happened over time. You can make your showerhead shiny again.

Get the Smell out

Well, I know it sounds like a very familiar proverb. That way we all want to say to our pipes when it stinks. To get the debris out of the pipeline, you often use a broom handle. Even after getting rid of the garbage heap, the stink does not go away. Plug your garbage disposal back in and then drop some lemon peel and ice cubes down your sink. Turn your garbage disposal back on for about thirty seconds and pour a little bit of dish detergent down there as well. This ice will harden. Any leftover debris so it comes out easier and the lemon will make your sink smell better.

Call Our Plumber in Reading for Help

Call our expert plumber in Reading for help as we are always upfront to extend our helping hand to you. Always remember that we are just a call away from you. So, if anything happens regarding plumbing, save our number to dial in an emergency.